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NRVT Songs: All About U; Nuttall Street Burglars; Blink University; Virtual Dance; Alaive Again; Big Boat Jamaica; Cry Balm; Gasoline and Petrol; Stay Xmas with Me; Midnight Riviera;

About NRVT: NRVT is a graduate from the University of London—the same university that Elton John and Mick Jagger attended.

NRVT also performed at the Hackney Empire’s Friday Night Live. This is no small feat. The historic theatre was built in 1901, and is one of London’s most prestigious and well-known venues where some of history’s greatest artists have performed over the past 100+ years.

The singer-songwriter has always gravitated towards a career in music. NRVT reveals, “it all started from home from day one—listening to the songs played on the radio.” NRVT’s style is a mix of R&B, Rap, Dance and Pop which gives him a diverse audience around the globe.

NRVT is on the rise because of his ability to integrate different genres of music to create his own unique sound. That’s a talent that can’t be achieved without hard work, dedication and enthusiasm for the creation of music. “Music allows for expression,” says NRVT. And this artist has got a lot to say, so be sure to follow his journey.

Management for NRVT: Rudolph Vigilantibus

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